pile of Genuine Mahogany logs freshly cut

Learn about Mahogany

Mahogany is one of the premier lumbers in the world, prized by woodworkers, craftsmen, and builders in need of a dense, stable wood which easily absorbs finishes and is able to withstand tough conditions.

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Mahogany tree growing on plantation

Plantation Mahogany

plantation-grown Genuine Mahogany is emerging as an alternative to using Genuine Mahogany alternatives. This unique crop of plantation mahogany is increasingly impacting the Mahogany market.

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view from the air of J Gibson McIlvain lumber company

J. Gibson McIlvain

We have provided fine lumber for major projects throughout the world, including the White House, the Capitol building, Smithsonian museums, the Supreme Court building, and celebrity homes nationwide.

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Supplying Mahogany From Around the World

The J. Gibson McIlvain Company carries a full inventory of several varieties of Mahogany, including Genuine Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), Sapele, African Mahogany, and more. The many variations of Mahogany provide customers the opportunity to choose the type of lumber best suited to their aesthetic and functional requirements.

We leverage our longstanding professional relationships with lumber mills around the world to ensure our imports come only from mills which handle the product carefully, ethically, and safely. Each shipment of Mahogany is meticulously documented and inspected for the purpose of providing our customers only the highest quality Mahogany lumber.

Our Mahogany imports arrive from mills across the globe, spanning several continents. Our Genuine Mahogany is imported from forests in Brazil, while our African Mahogany originates in Ghana and the Cameroon. Experienced inspectors from J. Gibson McIlvain regularly travel directly to our mills to make sure all quality and legal procedures are followed.

J. Gibson McIlvain is committed to providing beautiful, long-lasting Mahogany lumber to our customers in a responsive, personalized fashion. We realize the many uses and applications of Mahogany mean each of our customers' projects require more than a cookie-cutter solution. We're in the business of developing dynamic lumber solutions by supplying the finest wood products, no matter how far away we need to travel to obtain them.

Call 1-800-638-9100 to speak to a live sales representative. You can also email, and your inquiry will be sent to one of our sales representative.

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